2022 Rotarian of The Year Award

This year the Rotarian of the Year award goes to PVCC President Dr. Frank Friedman! The annual Rotarian of the Year award is designated for a Rotarian who demonstrates “Service Above Self,” and principled commitment to the Four-Way Test.
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Rotary Club of Charlottesville earns the designation of SILVER HERO CLUB for support of ShelterBox Milena Webb 2022-04-25 04:00:00Z 0

2022 Citizen of the Year Award


Jane Colony Mills will receive the 2022 Citizen of the Year Award from the Rotary Club of Charlottesville, in a dinner event presentation on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 6:00pm at the Omni Downtown Charlottesville Hotel; 212 Ridge McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA. Guests joining us for this dinner event and award presentation should RSVP to Collin Campbell at collin.campbell@ml.com and are invited to bring a contribution to the Loaves & Fishes food pantry in cash or from the wish list at www.cvilleloaves.org. Items on the wish list include: diapers, baby wipes, baby formula and food, feminine sanitary supplies, can openers, dish detergent, baking items such as brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cake mix and frosting.

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NewGen Peacebuilder Program Awarded $4000 for Fall Program in Charlottesville

Posted on May 09, 2017

The Rotary Club of Charlottesville was pleased to host District Foundation Chair, Juanita Cawley, and Patricia Shafer, Co-founder of the NewGen Peacebuilder program at its meeting on May 9, 2017 where direct service in the Rotary focus area of Peace and Conflict Resolution was highlighted and recognized. Club President Chris Elliott was joined by immediate past club president Brad Bodager and incoming club president Gertrude Fraser in presenting a grant in the amount of $4000 to the NewGen Peacebuilder program in support of its fall program in Charlottesville.

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Grants Awarded

Sue Liberman and the grants committee once again diligently combed through the RFPs, to find 8 worthy local and international nonprofits.  The Rotary Club of Charlottesville awarded $14,000 dollars in grant money.
Thank you all for making this giving part of our yearly mission, Thanks to Sue for spearheading it, and thank to all the applicants for doing the important work you do.
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New Members

Members Jim Mustin and Tyler Van Selow were recently welcomed into our club.
Tyler brings with him his knowledge as a Wealth Management Advisor at Virginia National Bank.  Jim, a retired civil servant, currently heads a non-profit focusing assistance in East Africa.
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Grants Awarded

Sue Liberman and the grants committee once again diligently combed thru the RFPs, to find 9 worthy local nonprofits.  The Rotary club of Charlottesville awarded over $ 14,000 dollars in grant money to the following organizations:
Stonewall Jackson Area Council for the Boy Scouts Campership Scholarships
Cale Elementary as part of a new Spanish Immersion Library
The Rotary Club of Charlottesville Imagination Library
Mediation Center of Charlottesville for education and Mediation
PVCC KidsCollege for Scholarships
The Sexual Assault Resource Agency to benefit Prevention education
Service Dogs of Virginia to help offset cost of Advanced Training
WAHS Robotics team for the First Tech Robotics Challenge.
Thank you all for making this giving part of our yearly mission, Thanks to Sue for spearheading it, and thank to all the applicants for doing the important work you do.
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Andra Watkins

Andra Watkins
Fellow Rotarian and gifted author Andra Watkins Spoke to our club.  She intertwined a story of a 444 mile walk along the Natchez trace, with the important lesson of living in the moment.  Ms. Watkins reminds us of the value of family, and trying something audacious.  To find more information on her books and speaking tour click Here.
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Pamela Sutton Wallace

Pamela Sutton Wallace spoke about the challenges and triumphs of running a major medical center.  In her talk entitled “Moving Forward” she reviewed her journey to Charlottesville.   The Rotary Club was fortunate to hear such an inspiring story that started in Baltimore and wound thru Washington University in St Louis, Yale, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Duke University.   Ms. Sutton Wallace served several positions at Duke University culminating at Vice President of Operations.  Coming to U Va in July of 2014 Ms. Sutton Wallace has already made sweeping changes including the raising of nurse wages and hiring more nurses. These new nurses have enabled the hospital to open many needed beds that were previously unavailable. Ms. Sutton Wallace believes “The future of health care is about redesigning ourselves to care for an entire community while honoring the individual patient experience.”   The Rotary Club of Charlottesville welcomes The Sutton Wallace family, which includes two daughters at Monticello High School, and Associate Professor Maurice Wallace of the Carter G Woodson Institute for African American Studies a the University of Virginia.
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Ken Karr recomends

Ken Karr had asked me to pass on to the club a really good read in Forbes.  It follows well on our last speaker and would encourage you to check it out.
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Leadership Defined

Posted on Jan 22, 2015
Michellle Braden, CEO MSBCoach spoke to the Rotary Club of Charlottesville Tuesday, January 27, 2014.  Michelle and her team of professionals are located here in Charlottesville.  They train and coach Executives and talented Senior Managers to inspire them to reach their fullest leadership potential.
Michelle gave us an assignment: What do we consider important leadership traits? We came up with quite a varied list, all important to be sure, and it set the groundwork for Michelle’s talk on what traits separate good leaders from great leaders.  Michelle and her team at MSBCoach have been working on this and she shared the their results with us:
Desire and ability to give your power away
Possess a vision that is greater than yourself and inspire others to be a part of the vision
Michelle’s talk inspired an enthusiastic and lengthy Q&A period after she finished.  It was a great topic and we all learned a lot. Thank you Michelle for an interesting and timely topic.
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Vocational Month

Ken Karr has once again done a magnificent job organizing vocational month.  Here are just a few of the thank you notes we received from students who took advantage of the Dominion Virginia Powers Career day.

“Thank you for this, it helped me find out what I want to do.  I liked the tour of the Plant [bus tour of station grounds].  I am grateful for the people for talking to us about what they do.”  Blaine
“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn about how you guys apply power specifically nuclear power to my everyday life. I liked learning how the facility worked and how it was actually safe.  Before hand I had no idea how nuclear power worked and I always thought it would explode.  I thank you again for this great opportunity.”  Andrew
“I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to see the power plant.  I learned a lot about different types of engineering today.  I am grateful for this because engineering has always interested me but I did not know of all the different types before today.”  Clayton
“Thank you for taking us on that very interesting field trip  I enjoyed learning about the process that takes place to create energy.  I really thought it was cool when we got to look at a thermal camera.  I appreciate you taking time out of your day to teach us.”  Alex
“Thanks for the trip to Dominion.  Since going there it’s opened my mind as to what I might be when I grow up.  And I learned how a power plant works.  Thanks for showing me cool stuff.”  Christian
“Thank you for the tour.  I loved the talk on the radio telescope and super computer.” James
“Yo … thank you very much for teaching me about the power plant and all of its intricacies.  I really did appreciate it.  You seemed like a pretty cool guy[(referring to Eric Hendrixson’s welcome presentation] and I really like how you presented the power plant.  Hope I can do this again in the future.” Lian
“Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to tour the nuclear power plant [bus tour of station grounds] and having the people tell us about each part of the jobs of the power plant.  I learned about how the people turn on and work the power plant.  I really enjoyed the tour.”  Drew
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U.Va. Executive Vice President for Health Affairs - Richard Shannon MD

Dr. Shannon, the new Executive Vice President of the University of Virginia Medical Center, spoke to the Rotary Club of Charlottesville on August 26th 2014.  He laid out a very clear and dire picture of the nations health care issue.  Citing Victor Fuchs emeritus professor of Economics from Stanford in saying "If we solve our health care spending, practically all of our fiscal problems go away,”and if don't " “Then almost anything else we do will not solve our fiscal problems.”​  Dr Shannon brought a solid plan to move forward based on "Pursuing Excellence Quality and Safety as the New Currency".  Witnessing first hand the amazing transformation that was made at Alcoa by Paul O'Neill in the late 1980's, Dr Shannon presented that the case that reining in costs, and particularly those associated with safety, harm and over treatment will save our medical system.
Dr Shannon meets daily with his teams to review every accident, infection and death in the medical center to learn what steps need to be taking to improve  and advance toward the goals of "One UVA Health System":
•To become the safest place to receive care 
•To be the healthiest work environment
•To provide the highest level of clinical care
•To generate biomedical discovery that betters the human condition
•To train the health care workforce of the future in teams
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One Virginia 2021

LogoLeigh Middledicth and Terry Cooper explained the importance of revamping Virginia re districting process.  In a fascinating look into what Gerrymandering is, and how it is crippling the legislatures ability to govern, these two gentleman present a path to a better future.  onevirginia2021.org
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Newest James R Peterson Award Winner

On Tuesday, July 8th 2014, Jennifer L. King was awarded the "James R. Peterson Rotarian of the Year Award for 2013 - 2014" by the Rotary Club of Charlottesville in recognition of her outstanding volunteer service. Jennifer has provided multiple services to this club over many years.  She is a long time Board member, serving as president, past president, vice president, secretary (two terms) and treasurer.                 
Currently her excellent work in New Generations and Youth Services has sustained our club activities .Her work with our Japanese exchange student, with the District 7610 Student Exchange Program, our exchange student in Thailand, her work with the Interact Club at Western Albemarle High School, with the Speech contest, Rotary Youth  Leadership Awards, Chesapeake Bay students, and Rotaract, are some examples of her Service Above Self commitment to the Rotary Club of Charlottesville. A mother of two, Jennifer still has time for her day job as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer of the Chase Investment Counsel Corporation of Charlottesville, Virginia.
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District Governor Juanita Cawley Out going message

“It sometimes seems that we live as if we wondered when life was going to begin. It isn’t always clear just what we are looking for, but some of us sometimes persist in waiting so long that life slips by — finding us still waiting for something that has been going on all the time. . . . There is no reason to doubt good intentions — but when in the world are we going to begin to live as if we understood that this is it? This is life? This is our time, our day, our generation . . . our one chance to do something for somebody else. This is the life in which the work of this life is to be done. . . . This is it, whether we are thrilled or disappointed, busy or bored!  Givers or takers. This is life, it is all we’ve got — and it is passing.  What in the world are we waiting for?” 
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Gina Mancuso - Serial Entrepreur

On June 10th, Gina Mancuso visited the Charlottesville Rotary Club and spoke to members about entrepreneurship in the area. Gina is a self-described “serial entrepreneur” who is running her third successful business at age 32. LoveThatFit is Gina’s current venture. It is a virtual fit and style technology that retailers license so that their shoppers can see actual look, fit and size of clothing when shopping in-store or online after uploading a full body photo. Retailers who license LTF’s ‘Fitting' technology benefit from lower returns, improved inventory control and merchandising while accumulating valuable data including fashion preferences, shopping behaviors and social influence.
Gina said that, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, she got her chops by going out and building successful businesses. As a teenager, Gina traded race horses in the European market and, after graduating from the University of Miami, she opened a successful boutique fitness center. LTF is Gina’s third business and has garnered the attention of angel investors and UVA’s Darden iLab Incubator.
While Charlottesville may not be poised to become the next Paris or Milan of the fashion world, Gina said that this city is ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a robust collaborative environment.
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President Sullivan

The Rotary Club of Charlottesville  presented to University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan an honorary membership and the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow Award at their meeting Tuesday, May 27th. The ceremony was held at the Omni Hotel. President Sullivan spoke to the assembled Rotary Club of Charlottesville about the opportunities to become a college student and the significant and important values of being a college graduate.
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Paul Harris and the Birth of Rotary

Paul Harris and the Birth of Rotary (Monthly RGHF Articles)
In 1905, Paul Harris started a movement that today is one of the world’s premiere service organizations. His creation, Rotary International has quite literally touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people in its global quest to make a difference. Yet few people, both inside and outside of Rotary know much about Paul Harris or how his ground-breaking club developed. 
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Coach London Energizes the faithful

 Coach London gave an energized and impassioned talk to the Rotary Club of Charlottesville tonight.  Linking wonderful personal stories of fatherhood, his time as a Richmond Police detective and his coaching career to a central theme of service and leadership, coach left no doubt of his belief in faith, family and football.  A couple things were confirmed, he does check on his athletes being in class, Adam Lambert is the 1st string QB, and Virginia will be ready come the end of summer.  Go Hoos.
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The executive Director of Innisfree village shed some light into the wonderful place that is Innisfree.  Carolyn Ohle walked us thru a typical day for the coworkers, volunteer caregivers and staff on the 550 acre working farm at the foothills of the Blue Ridge.  Perhaps the best way to sum up her inspiring talk is to list the statement of principles’ that Innisfree is based on:
Statement of principles
Innisfree shall:
  1. Be a model therapeutic environment with people with intellectual disabilities, emphasizing empowerment, interdependence, and mutual respect of all community members
  2. Evolve with the changing needs of the individuals with intellectual disabilities within the community and beyond
  3. Value work and foster creativity through artistic crafts, stewardship of the land, and daily community life
  4. Promote efforts in the stewardship of the land to acknowledge the reciprocal relationship between human health and the natural environment
  5. Encourage the integration of community members into the larger society through participation in cultural, educational, recreational, religious, and volunteer programs
  6. Rely for its financial resources upon family support, the spirit of volunteerism, and private funding
  7. Support and encourage the talents and individuality of community members from diverse educational, national, ethnic, and social backgrounds
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Wendell Wood

Mr. Wood is remarkable man.  Born and raised in Albemarle he saw at an early age what he wanted.  And then he went out and made it happen.  Responsible for iconic developments on 29 north such as Fashion Square, Hollymeade Shopping Cenetr and NGIC, Mr Wood has left an a mark on our town.
He spoke to the club and not only relateing his story, but also giving some insight into the ever increasing costs of developing projects.  
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Scholarships to the 23rd Annual Rotary Chesapeake Bay Conference

Seamore Zhu, a rising junior from Western Albemarle High School and Orion Bloom, a rising senior from the Miller School of Albemarle will present their experiences from the 23rd Annual Rotary Chesapeake Bay Conference to the Charlottesville Rotary Club during its regular meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 6:30 pm at the Omni Hotel.
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Two new members

The Rotary Club of Charlottesville inducted two new mebers last meeting.  Michael McKee and Kevin Saunders.  Please make sure you introduce yourselves at upcoming meetings.  
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Happiness Hypothesis

Gertrude Frasier gave a fascinating look into happiness.  Driven out of her own curisosity about why people are happy, or in her own words why she has struggled with happiness, Gertrude is widely read on the study of happiness.  Citing works of Jonathan Haidt and Martin Selgman, her talk was rooted in an acedmics, but brought to life from an honest look at her own life.  Again a talk by one of our own club  members proves to be one of the best.
Thanks Gertrude. 
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McIntire Park Rotary Gardening Project

Posted by Richard DeMong

Jon Peterson, John McCauley, and Rich DeMong along with Rotary members from Albemarle, and Blue Ridge, and five Rotaract Club members mulched new and old bushes that we planted a year ago, planted new bushes by Shelter 2 of McIntire Park and helped install two new benches made by Butch Gridley.  The weather was perfect for gardening on Friday, April 12, 2013.

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Seymore Zhu

Posted by William Horn

WAHS student and RYLA participant Seymore Zhu played piano for the Rotary Club of Charlottesville.Image

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Rotaract is back

Posted by William Horn

The Rotary Club of Charlottesville was proud to welcome the newest incarnation of Rotaract at the University of Virginia.  Leon Lin and Narin Limlengart, both members of Rotaract inducted Kevin Lim, Victoria Tran, Shivangi Singh, Yashvardhan Rajgarhia, Jairus Ang, Martin Ying.  There are hopes that under the guidance of Chris Wilcox-Elliot and the hard work of the members the club will be a great success story.

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GSE Team from Western Australia, Australia

Posted by Richard DeMong

This week our Club was visited by the GSE Team of police officers from Western Australia, Australia.  The four officers are are Sergeant Paul Daly, Constable Aaron Biggs, Constable Jeromy Jones, Sergeant Gerald Murphy, and First Class Constable Taryn Werrett.

They regaled the Club with stories of their personal lives, professional lives, and of Western Australia, which is 22 times bigger than Virginia.

Jim Berry was the team leader for the Piedmont Rotary Council.  Jim Berry and Jim Peterson drove the GSE team down from Northern Virginia and more than halfway to their next Club in Tappahannock.  Tom Dunnells, Duane Snow and Rich DeMong hosted the Australians and took them to and from their many stops during their stay in Charlotteville.  The GSE team spent time with one of the local police departments (UVa, Charlottesville City, or Albemarle) during their Vocations Day.  John Griffin, Michael Semanik, and Jim Peterson escorted and drove the Australians on several of their excursions.  Finally, Jeff Gould talked to part of the GSE team about Drug Court while the others visited with the Executive Director of the Shelter for Emergencies.  

You can follow the GSE Team on Facebook (RotaryGroupStudyExchange2013Virginia).  They have posted some great photos and blog posts.

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Law enforcement Changes in 30 years.

Posted by William Horn

Mike Milnor of the Virginia State Police and a Professional licensed polygraph investigator walks us through 30 years of Law Enforcement.  From chase till you wreck to polygraph.

Mike Milnor 

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Annual Bell Ringing

Posted by William Horn


The Rotary Club of Charlottesville Hosted its Annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing December 11th.    

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5 tips to healthy Living.

Posted by William Horn


 Tuesday June 19th Rita P. Smith, MS, RD, CDE visited the club with some healthy tips for a long life.  Specifically she reminded us of 5 things:
  • Eat three meals a day 4 to 5 hours apart.  With the last meal 4 to 5 hours before you go to bed
  • Get your fiber up, thru natural sources
  • Get your fluid intake up, mostly thru water  11 - 12 cups a day
  • Eat healthy fats.  Nuts, avocado, fish
  • Avoid processed foods and eating out.

Copies of her handouts can be found in the documents section of the web page.

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Cook-out Picnic at Linden Lane Farm on June 16th at 4 p.m.--SPECIAL MEETING

Posted by Richard DeMong

Cook-out picnic at Linden Lane Farm

SPECIAL Rotary Meeting

Saturday, June 16, 2012

4  -  7   O’clock

Directions: From town, Route 250 East, turn left at Shadwell onto Route 22. Proceed 5 miles to Cismont – country store and Exxon gas station on left.  At this point route 22 forks off to the right and route 231 goes straight ahead. Stay straight on 231 and proceed 2.5 miles to Linden Lane Farm on right.

Guests and family members are most welcome.  Attire – Very Casual

Please bring a dish of food (entrée, vegetable, dessert, etc.) and folding lawn chairs if possible. Also, you may want to bring baseballs, gloves or other sporting equipment for your children.
Please RSVP, with names of guests and expected side dish to RichDeMong@hotmail.com.

Please RSVP, with names of guests and expected side dish to .
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Charlie and Carol King

Posted by William Horn

The Rotary Club of Charlottesville is proud to honor Carol King with a presentation of a Paul Harris Award.  Charlie and Carol King have been strong supporters of the Rotary Club since 1974
.Carol King
 The Pin is Presented here by Jeff Gould to Mrs. King

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Dr. Elizabeth Varon

Posted by William Horn

Dr. Varon from the University of Virginia shared her interesting insight into the Civil War.  As we start the celebration the sesquicentennial, it was fascinating to listen to new perspectives on Virginia and her citizen’s role in the war.  Much of her presentation focused on her recent historical work, Southern Lady, Yankee Spy:  The True Story of Elizabeth Van Lew, A Union Agent  in the Heart of the Confederacy (Oxford University Press, 2003)Image

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Virginia to Africa

Posted by William Horn


Tom Dunnells made a three minute presentation at the District Conference that was so good, we made him do it again.  Tom showed what Rotary is doing for the people of Limpopo.  Native music accompanied lovely photography.  The effort of our Club and others has helped bring clean water and sanitation to Tlhophane School in the Northwest Province of South Africa.

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Posted by William Horn

John Rogers CFA, of the Charlottesville Based CFA Institute spoke on Tuesday the 10th of April.  The CFA is moving into the majority of the Old Martha Jefferson Hospital on Locust Avenue.  John gave a brief but fascinating history of the Institute, and it's mission.  To learn more please visit this link.  


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